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It’s obvious everywhere. Some change has been welcomed, new technology has made our lives more convenient and more productive. On the other hand, changes to product production and design, for the majority, has left us with cheap, plastic mass production, products with a lifespan closer to carnival gold fish, than a heirloom.


It’s amazingly apparent in the home audio industry. The good brings amazing tech to the table, with wireless Bluetooth, internet radio, and compact systems that sound as good as our parents “entertainment centers” that filled a quarter of the living room. The bad substitutes quality for profits, producing an army of basic & cheap, molded plastic repetition. But worst of all, stripped of individuality. Something that reproduces one of the most individual & unique forms, music.


We remember what quality craftsmanship means. We strive to blend the unique character of old wood and modern design, with the sound quality and convenience of new tech. Each of our speakers is handcrafted at our shop, here on the Central Coast of California, just for you.

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Pioneer – Onkyo – Avid – Scott – Akai – Advent

New items in stock this week, all VG to excellent condition.

Please message for details and pricing. Thank you for your continued support of quality refurbished vintage audio. ~L

  • Pioneer SX-820 receiver
  • Onkyo A-5 integrated amp
  • Avid Model 103 loudspeakers (currently recapping)
  • Scott 375 R receiver
  • Akai AA-1150 receiver
  • New Large Advents

42384450_614Onkyo A-5 Integrated AmplifierAvid_1_zps7043b7c2$_5744117289_614190776-the_new_advent_loudspeakerThe above photos are representational and not of actual units for sale.

Sansui – Pioneer – DCM – HPM

Busy week.

Pioneer SX-1000TA – Rare, 1968-vintage, solid-state receiver with TUBED tuner section. Very clean. Amazing sound. Please message for pricing and availability. Photo:


Pioneer HPM-500 loudspeakers – Original graphite drivers in excellent condition. Legendary HPM quality. Photo:


Sansui 5000a – nice unit from this well-respected series. 55 wpc and upgraded f-6013 driver boards. Photo:


DCM CX-17 monitor series bookshelf speaker. One of the best post-Time Window DCMs.


Pioneer SX-880 – Solid, good-looking, mid-powered Pioneer. Photo:


Pioneer SX-626 – “A medium-powered stereo receiver with up to 110 watts of music power, low-noise FET, and high sensitivity FM tuner section. The SX-626 stereo receiver is one of Pioneer’s great stereo values. In one attractive, well-designed package…”


Sansui 661 – An excellent, clean little receiver. 20 wpc of classic Sansui sound. Photo:


Thanks for looking, ~L

60’s Allied/Jensen


I picked up some great-looking 60’s vintage Allied cabinets a while back with nice 15″ woofers, a damaged crossover and two bad Jensen Sonodome tweeters. Wanted to get them working again, but didn’t want to drop a lot of cash on components, so the project kept getting pushed aside. Well, sometimes the Universe gives you a gift. The other day, I found a pair of beat up little Jensens at a thrift store for two bucks. Didn’t know what they had in them, but for the price… Turns out these ugly cabs held a pair of pristine, fully-functioning Sonodomes and nearly identical crossovers to the Allieds. Didn’t take long to decide to sacrifice the two-dollar Jensens for the greater good. Was even able to use the 10″ Jensen woofers to restore some solid Pressage 2-ways that had also been collecting dust. Coming soon. Cheers, ~L



John Cale, Nick Cave & Chrissie Hynde – Songwriters Circle – BBC ’99


John Cale, Nick Cave & Chrissie Hynde – Songwriters Circle – BBC ’99

Recorded live for the “Songwriters Circle” program at the Subterania Club, London UK, May 12, 1999. Broadcasted by the BBC September 7, 1999.

John Cale: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Chrissie Hynde: vocals, acoustic guitar
Nick Cave: vocals, piano
Adam Seymour: additional acoustic guitar

Underneath a Transmission Tower



Reddit user SirSaucySquid lay directly underneath a transmission tower to capture this hypnotic photo. The dizzying array of steel is reminiscent of a sort of giant kaleidoscope pattern. The photo was taken on his phone and edited using the VSCO Cam app.

A transmission tower is a tall structure, usually a steel lattice tower, used to support an overhead power line. They are used in high-voltage AC and DC systems, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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