Sansui – Pioneer – DCM – HPM

Busy week.

Pioneer SX-1000TA – Rare, 1968-vintage, solid-state receiver with TUBED tuner section. Very clean. Amazing sound. Please message for pricing and availability. Photo:


Pioneer HPM-500 loudspeakers – Original graphite drivers in excellent condition. Legendary HPM quality. Photo:


Sansui 5000a – nice unit from this well-respected series. 55 wpc and upgraded f-6013 driver boards. Photo:


DCM CX-17 monitor series bookshelf speaker. One of the best post-Time Window DCMs.


Pioneer SX-880 – Solid, good-looking, mid-powered Pioneer. Photo:


Pioneer SX-626 – “A medium-powered stereo receiver with up to 110 watts of music power, low-noise FET, and high sensitivity FM tuner section. The SX-626 stereo receiver is one of Pioneer’s great stereo values. In one attractive, well-designed package…”


Sansui 661 – An excellent, clean little receiver. 20 wpc of classic Sansui sound. Photo:


Thanks for looking, ~L


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