Adcom GFP-565 – Hafler DH-220

Just in. David Hafler DH-220 amplifer, Adcom GFP-565 preamp.


adcom gfp 565


Hafler 220 review and info here.

1990 Stereophile review on the Adcom.





Excellent setup, cleaned and tested. Please message for pricing and availability. Thanks, ~L


Parasound C/DC-1500 CD Changer-Transport


Been getting into the audiophile CD players lately. Heavy-built ones with digital outs for external DAC’s. Like this one. Picked up the Parasound C/DC-1500 Compact Disc Changer-Transport yesterday. Rack-mountable, heavy-duty power switch – a solid piece of gear and sounds incredible. Dig. (Photos: US Audio Mart)