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June 2003 marked the 35th anniversary of the founding of Can when Holger Czukay (bass), David Johnson (flute), jazz drummer Jaki Liebezeit and beat guitar player Michael Karoli met in classical conductor and piano player Irmin Schmidt’s Cologne apartment in 1968. Their first gig, a collage of rock music and tape samples, took place at Schloss Norvenich (Castle Norvenich, near Cologne).The show is documented on the audio cassette Prehistoric Future.
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The nameless collective had established its first studio, Inner Space, at the castle when American sculptor Malcolm Mooney, visiting Irmin and Hildegard Schmidt, joined the band. His intuitive drive led the musicians toward a unique take on rock music and the track Father Cannot Yell originated from one of these early sessions. David Johnson, who by then had become the band’s sound engineer, left at the end of 1968. Around this period, the lack of a name was solved by…

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